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"I see you're a gangster. 

I'm quite gangster myself." 

- Steve Urkel

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Going Back to Work


It's daunting. Staying at home for several years and then deciding to return to the work force. Will employers see my worth? Will I? Am I relevant? Am I a technological dinosaur? What do I want to be when I grow up? Time to find out. 

Tween & Teen Parenting


From one mom of 'tween/teens to another... Find support, information, humor, and cool products for helping your kids right here.

Midwestern Lifestyle


Midwestern Women... We love harder, cheer louder, cook with more butter, get shit done ourselves, and we drink "pop".

Mama's Mind & Body


Managing your own mental and physical health is the best thing you can do for your children. From therapy to medications, self-care rituals , and lifting weights.

A Foodie From The Fort


 Midwest eats your whole family can enjoy whether you're trying out a new recipe from this page  (you bet your booty there will be some casserole recipes here) or noshing on Fort Wayne's fresh foodie finds!

Forever 41. #Fashion

Rapidly approach my 40's, I'm falling more and more in love with fashionable clothing and sewing.

Rapidly approaching 40 and falling fiercely in love with individual style and clothing design. Join me as I sew and create my own sexy clothes for my curvy sexy mom bod. Make-up, skin care, accessories & jewelry, too!


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