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Hello, Friends! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your way to my blog! It means the world to me and I'll do my best to give you what you came here for. So, uh, what did you come here for? Hopefully, it is this...

A friend who has experienced all the trials and tribulations of natural major weight loss herself. Someone who has spent the better part of the last decade learning all she can about nutrition, fitness, weight lifting, and about how much utter nonsense exists in those areas to sift through! Don't worry, I've done all the sifting for you. An advocate for your mental health, who goes to battle with depression and anxiety herself. A leader in what it means to care about your wellness from the inside out. Speaking of the "out", a clothing & beauty tip enthusiast that can't wait to share her latest tricks! 

If you're reading my content simply as a means of weight loss, you'll certainly find what you need from me. But, you'll be selling yourself short if you don't take it all in. I will be posting about every aspect of our health and believe me when I say that ALL of it effects your weight and your wellness. Your health is not purely physical. It is also mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual. None of these areas can be neglected if you want a truly satisfying life.

So please hop on board with me. Share your stories, comments, and questions with me. I look forward to knowing you and helping you to the best of my ability. I'm a big believer in "pay it forward" and that's exactly what I'm doing here! 

How would you like to receive your content? I think a weekly content schedule such as this would be a fun rotation:

Mental Health Monday

Ask Tia Tuesday

Weight Loss Stars Wednesday (I'd love to feature you!)

Thin Trick Thursday

Fitness Tip Friday

Style Me Slim Saturday

Self Love Sunday

PLUS, weekly recipes, funny stories, daily life tidbits, and more.

Your voice is important to me. Let's use our voices together as we work, play, laugh, cry, give, and love our way into a better life. 



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