"Tia was instrumental in my 40+ pound weight loss in 2018. Whether with diet tips and recipes, words of encouragement, motivational texts to get me moving, she was always there pushing me. She would share stories of her own weight loss journey and her own successes and failures to make me realize we won't be perfect at it but if we keep at it we WILL lose the weight. She is wonderful and I couldn't do it without her." - Dawn S.                                                                                                             

"Because of everything Tia helped me learn, (including her being the reason I finally got diagnosed and treated by a doctor for ADHD) I moved up and ahead in my life... Healing broken relationships, career advancements, marrying the love of my life...  Thank you Tia for everything. You maybe don't even know what an impact you've had on me for years!!!" - Linda N.  ​ "Tia's capacity to care for people is unparalleled. And she doesn't just care for a part of you. She cares for the WHOLE you. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. You could not hope to find a better coach." - Noah B.       


"I have worked with Tia for a few years and she has been instrumental in the changes I have made in my relationship with food, exercise and most importantly, myself. Knowing that Tia struggled with her own weight and self image makes all the difference. She continues to be a constant advocate for my overall health. I highly recommend Tia and the services she provides." -Toni M.  ​  


"Tia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living a healthy life. She has helped me gain a better understanding of how to eat and strength train to reach the goals I set for myself. She has coached me all along the entire way and I was surprised by how quickly I saw physical results but even better than that, I began to feel so much more confident and happy with myself. " -Dustin M.  


"Several years ago, I started having severe knee problems and a lack of energy. I didn't want to be an unhealthy mom that didn't have the stamina to play with my children. I began working out with Tia about 6 years ago. We started with an interval running program and over a short period of time I lost weight and actually ran my first 5k race. Over the next few years, Tia encouraged me to begin lifting weights. She did a lot of research and helped build a program that was right for my body type and goals. Along with her exercise guidance, Tia has assisted me with appropriate food choices and portion sizes without making me feel like I was "on a diet". Since beginning my journey to better health, I have lost 40 pounds, my knee pain is gone and I have a lot more energy. I can honestly say that I would not have been as successful in achieving my goals without Tia's guidance. Tia had faith in me when I didn't even have faith in myself." -Jenny W.